Search Engine Optimization is all about making your business stand out in the best possible way, at the top of Google and other search engine results lists. Online Strikers helps you analyze which keywords and phrases are making the best trades, then takes responsibility for driving those words to top positions in a clear and transparent way, with a long-term perspective behind it. An important parameter here is that your website has the correct content and structure in terms of landing pages and content on them. Another extremely important parameter is the technical part of the SEO work. This can include load times, how the page is indexed, and how robots.txt files are used. Digialaddin takes care of this whole process and makes sure that the website is personalized according to it.


Surprisingly, many SEO agencies are still dealing with questionable search engine optimization, where many have created bogus websites and link farms pointing to their website. It’s a quick fix and many people see quick results. The downside is that Google and other search engines don’t always see this in a positive light and there is a risk that your website will be penalized for it. The penalty can be severe and many Indian companies have seen their search engine visibility plummet. This is difficult to repair and can take a long time to rebuild. We have a completely different way of thinking, we customize each solution uniquely to the client and the industry.


Do you want to be present on social networks and use them as an amplifier to increase your sales? You already know that people spend many hours looking at social networks. This is a good opportunity to present your business and attract new potential customers.

But you don’t have time to design a specific content strategy for each social network that brings your subscribers closer to your website to convert them into new contacts and future customers.

We offer you the entire process of creation, strategy and management of the social networks most suited to your industry. In addition, we manage advertising campaigns to reach people who match the profile of your customers.

1) Optimize and use your business profile on social networks, improve your brand image and attract new contacts.

2) Stop wasting time managing your social networks and devote it to your work. We take care of everything.

3) Get leads faster.

We can promote your business through the most important and influential networks (social networks).

At Online Strikers we offer the service of creation, management of social networks and management of advertising campaigns on social networks for companies, since it is a very interesting channel to attract new customers in a way different from Google.

In social networks, we can target people with the right profile to consume your company’s products or services, at a very low cost per acquisition for each potential customer

Search Engine Optimization

Ranking high in Google search results, for example, doesn’t happen overnight, but if you follow the improvements shows, you increase your chances of speeding up the process.

Social Media Optimization

The social media industry is subject to rapid change every day. You can’t predict if something works today or will continue to work tomorrow. You need to keep up to date with all algorithm updates on social media to attract large audiences. Our team of social media experts stay up to date with the latest social media trends to keep our clients at the forefront of the social table.

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