Our Work

Case Studies

Fares City

Its US based Air Ticket Booking Travel Agency. We Develop this Website also doing Google, Bing and Facebook Ads for Fares City. Last Financial Year they hit 50% net profit on expenditure.


BV Squares Packaging Private Limited

Its US based company. They mostly deal with Canada, UAE, USA and etc. We create website for them and also take care IT part of Digital Marketing.

Flair Junkie Private limited

It’s India based company. They making western wear for women’s and promote making in India. We develop website for them and also take care Digital Marketing Dept.

DRDYL Engineers Private limited

They deal in construction business and we develop website for them also advice DRDYL team for offline marketing as well.

Digialaddin Marketing & Media Agency

Its our official website here we serve the best SEO and digital marketing service with in dead line and always fulfil our commitments.

Google Ads

Here you can see our PPC word done till now and maintain CPC as low as possible with perfect results.

Fares City Landing Page

Landing Page for PPC here we explain every thing in one page micro site so that customer show their interest and Fares City team convert query into sale.

Amit Siwaan ( YouTube Channel )

Its one of our client on YouTube we help him to make his first 1k subscriber and now he start earning from his channel.



We Have no of other clients as well where we help companies to grow there business with the help of Digital Marketing.

Not show in my work because of clients concern.